The On Demand Business Operating Environment

To create successful On Demand Business, one must hold the SOA, which helps businesses wrap functions  to provide insecurely coupled accessibility to functions, flows, and applications.
The On Demand Business Operating Environment

This section describes the way that the Enterprise Service Bus can help businesses create processes that meet the objectives of the capabilities of an On Demand Business environment.

Figure shows the On Demand Business Operating Environment based on SOA

The three core components of the On Demand Business Operating Environment i.e, integration services, Enterprise Service Bus, and infrastructure services work together in order that the operating environment can meet defined business objectives.

Operating environment architecture for On Demand Business

Business services influence the application and infrastructure services, which are mediated by the Enterprise Service Bus, to provide real business processes to all users, including customers, employees, and business partners.

Business service management incorporates the policies and goals of the organization, such as service levels, metrics, and other measurable business guidelines.
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